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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  March 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ >> may not be any more presidential debates, but tonight you are going to see the four top surrogates go head to head in the. shall contest. may not be any compromise on the budget, but you are going to see the two top democrats and two top republicans side by side talkling about the details. you may only hear from the pundits but tonight you are going to hear from the american people. this is the fox news super tuesday special and it's coming up now. >> i am standing in front of 20 republicans voting in the republican primaries as you come here shout out to the american people who you want to win the nomination? okay. clearly it's still not determined. who do you support and why? >> romney. >> because? >> his decisions and his views on the different issues match how i feel. >> who do you support and why?
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>> mitt romney. i think he is the most viable candidate. >> who do you support and why? >> ron paul the only man of principal of either party and the only one stopping the crazy foreign adventures costing us money. >> who do you support and why? >> ron paul. >> who do you support and why? >> newt gingrich. i think he's very experienced. i think maybe the reason he is not a favorite is because he's a renegade. >> who do you support and why? >> rick santorum because he's a social conservative as well as fiscal conservative. >> he's genuine and for real. >> we are now weeks into this conversation months into this conversation some cases years. you have had two candidates from before. senator new hampshire, one of mitt romney's surrogate. what message do you have for them as to why mitt romney should be the nominee? >> we need to beat barack obama in november --
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>> do you agree with that? >> mitt romney is the candidate that can beat barack obama. if there was ever a time in the history of our country we need somebody who has been outside of washington and has the private sector experience that knows how jobs are created, we don't need a washington insider we need someone truly outside of washington and knows how to fix problems. he has done that in the private sector and it's not easy to govern in a blue state. i massachusetts is a tough state to balance the budget there. >> senator paul this is the second time for your father. he has not won a state he came very close in maine. he may win a state or two on super tuesday. is he more electable than mitt romney? >> it makes a difference what kind of republican you elect. when we elected george bush we
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had great expectations yet doubled the debt under george bush. doubled the size of department of education under george bush. we added new environmental regulations. didn't go quite right way. ron paul never vote to do raise taxes. never voted for a budget that wasn't balanced. whether it was republican or democrat he is the fiscal conservative and has the consistent voting record to do it. >> congressman moreno. rick santorum support, correct? >> yes. >> you are from pennsylvania. >> i am. >> rick santorum didn't do well in this last pennsylvania election. is he the most electable under barack obama? >> yes, he is. first i want to say each of the four candidates they are good men. each want what is best for this country. i think either one will do a better job than president obama. i have known rick for 25 years. what you sees what you get.
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what he says he means it and he sticks to what he has to say. he is a social conservative and fiscal conservative. he has more in line with hard paying americans. we went into crack houses and always wanted to make sure because of the dangerous people inside we had somebody we could trust. rick santorum he would go in and arrest a drug dealer. >> you have been congress two separate stints here now chairman of the house committee. you are a newt gingrich man. tell me why? >> it's not that we only beat barack obama you lead him to a difficult time. i happened to be hold enough to have grandchildren right now. i am worried about their future on a daily basis.
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they have to challenge what's been going on for conventional wisdom for far too long. i have seen newt gingrich, if you would have asked republicans if there is a possibility republicans could take over the house of representties. everyone would laugh. i did laugh at him. i remember when he started talking that way. who is this guy, does he really think that? newt believed it. he formed a not only a policy, but a team of people who were willing to do the tough work, change this country around. we need to change this country around domestically and internationally. we need to think boldly as reagan said in 1980. it is not pass tell colors. it is full butter we need to win. it's a high risk reward. the same criticism was made of ronald reagan in 1980.
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that's why i support newt. >> you see them up here. you notice none of them said anything negative about each other. that's not the way the debates have been, correct? that's not the way the ads have been, correct? i am going to give you the chance to ask them a question and challenge them. paul ryan, ranking of the house chris and michael will be here together about the budget you haven't seen. an incredible opportunity to challenge elected officials. stay tuned for the tuesday special. [ female announcer ] when your child has a fever, you should know that just one dose of children's advil gives up to eight hours of fever relief.
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possible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. let your doctor do his job, and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. theact >> we are back with our specialists. go right to the public. what question would you ask congressman moreno to answer about rick santorum? >> how is he going to actually continue his campaign? i know he's running on a
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shoestri shoestring. he is not on the ballot in virginia which is where i am from next week. i just don't -- i want to have a warm fuzzy feeling that he can go all of the way. >> you are a rick santorum supporter? >> i walked in his shoes. as a freshman i was out spent 4-1. i was told i wasn't going to win. that was every day to the election. rick is doing the sail thing. he doesn't have as much money as someone else has. he's determined and out there working his tail off 24-hours a day every single day. >> what question do you have for senator paul about ron paul? >> what can i do as a college student and entrepreneur to help further the popularity of your father and help get his campaign more noticed? >> before you answer that why are so many people of your generation attract to do ron
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paul? >> i feel he tells the most truth and that he was -- he fore told of the situation we are in now when no one else was talking about it. i think everyone else knew about it but he was the only one who would stand up to be a man and talk about it. >> well, it amazes me, i was at their rally in virginia last night. 2,000 young people most under the age of 30. 500 people in the parking lot. today on the internet there was something floating around the internet. a guy shook hands with president obama on his hand it said vote ron paul. the kids are hilarious. one radiology resident in new york put on a top of the building in 10-foot letters google ron paul. that's the kind of creativeness they have done. he has 500 thousand facebook friends. nobody other than president obama had this kind of energy from the youth. when he bwhether or not he wins not we have to figure out how to
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excite the youth. he is not a hipster young guy that listens to mtv or rap music. people like him because his message is different. he doesn't think we should go to war without congress voting on it. that's what the constitution says. we should believe it as a conservative. he preaches it he is reluctant to go to war. he doesn't want to rashly enter into a war after 10 years. that's different. can you believe in a strong national defense and also be reluctant to go to war? that's what ron paul says. it's different than the others. >> who would like to ask senator ayat a question. >> i would like to see how we can bring the independent voters to romney. that's the challenge is romney is losing support from people like me. i am really an independent. >> he dropped 9 points among independents. much of it is because of the attack. not because of the republicans. a lot of it is barack obama.
10:14 pm
it is a fact he dropped among independents. how does he restore it? >> i think he has to bring this back to the big principles that are at play in this election. he is someone who firmly believes that this is a country that hard work will be rewarded. it is a country where opportunity is unlimited. bringing it to those principles and the decision that what we stand for and all of us stand for which is a smaller accountable government that will be fiscally responsible. i think bringing it back thouo prose prin those principles. you work ward you earn your success the land where personal responsibility is what is primary not bigger government where the government makes decisions for you. those big picture principles he believes in firmly i think are what he has to convey to people.
10:15 pm
>> i like gingrich. my concern is his ethics record. whatever we think scandal occurred should not be in the court of public opinion or not part of the campaign it will. i am worried about this campaign imploding on that. democrats will love it. >> i don't think anybody is embedded as much as ne-- been v as newt has. i am not going to justify his ethical slips or personal slips. he has not justified them. i happen to be privileged to be at his first common communion when he converted to catholicism. he made a personal change in his life. i have seen it. i was privileged to be there. you don't make a decision like that lightly. he has been as honest as he can that he had lapses in the past. he believes that he has asked for forgiveness from god.
10:16 pm
he knows it's a different thing to ask for forgiveness from the constituents. i happen to think he has done that. he has been very open about that. in terms of the question of ethical lapses while he was in congress if you go back and look at that that just doesn't hold up. it was an effort by the democrats to embarrass the speaker of the house. they did note do it with i believe moral or intellectual integrity but newt has had to deal with that. >> you feel they understand your challenges and your concerns? yes or no? >> yes. >> do you any that one of those people is going to defeat barack obama? >> yes. >> so you are pretty optimistic. i am not sure if i would be. coming up next you are going to see a couple of the ads one of the most brilliant campaign commercials we have seen in this election so far. later on in the show you will learn more about the budget than you ever thought possible. we will be back in a moment. [ dad ] i'm usually checking up on my kids,
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>> we are back with our super tuesday special. let's go right to one of the best ads of the campaign so far. this one from mitt romney. >> santorum in washington was willing to raise the debt limit three times. >> romney turned a deficit into a surplus without raising taxes.
10:21 pm
>> santorum was buildivoting fo billions in waste including the bridge to nowhere. >> big differences. >> that ad is what they call a contrast ad. it's not strictly negative. what is your reaction to it? do you see a difference between romney? >> tell me what's the difference? >> washington insider verses a businessman who has run something with positive results. very positive. >> what's the difference? >> talk about a lot of the issues in the forefront of the election row romney hit them head on and how santorum possibly caused some of the issues in washington. >> i thought it was a great ad for romney. i would like santorum to be able to respond to it because i don't know how much is truthful. >> how much of it is true? >> there is a great deal left out. rick santorum doesn't have the money to come out with ads like this number one. when you talk about increasing
10:22 pm
the debt ceiling it has been done hundreds of times and i can assure you under the circumstances if governor romney becomes president he will be faced with raising the debt ceiling. it will be that or shutting the government down. it is easy to say you are not going to do it when you are out there campaigning but when you are in there you are playing hardball you have to get 535 people to agree it's tougher. >> how many of you would vote to raise the debt ceiling and who would vote to shut the government down? who would vote to raise the debt ceiling? who would have vote to do shut government down? senator. >> santorum runs as a conservative. obama care passed with no votes to spare. arlen specter was the deciding vote. rick santorum is a conservative but he supports spector over
10:23 pm
toom toomey. he also voted to double the size of the department of education. he also voted to expand medicare. when medicare is already short of money. these aren't conservative votes so i think there's explaining to do when you run as a conservative butt your voting record doesn't reflect that. >> you think it was an attack ad? >> i think it was a fair comparison. i think rick santorum, he's a nice guy but he didn't exactly shake it up in washington. if you think about it i appreciate the congressman's he can explanation but that's going along to get along. the 15 trillion in debt we have right now we can't go along to get along. >> you guys agree? >> it was a good ad to show outside washington verses inside washington. >> that was a cheap spin. any one in the legislature is going to get slammed for votes. you can say romney destroyed jobs. how is romney going to balance the budget when he says cut
10:24 pm
taxes, keep the military spending as it is, not damage the social safety net. it doesn't add up. it is fantasy. >> this one is for rick santorum. >> rick santorum. he's the only proven conservative with a bold plan to restore america's greatness. create dynamic jobs, cut wasteful spending and reform washington. rick santorum for president, red white and blue fund is responsible for the contents of this ad. >> the only true conservative. what's your reaction to that ad? >> that was a great ad. i am a gingrich supporter. >> there was a time when newt gingrich was leadings the polls now he is down to 10, 12 percent in most states. those votes have gone to rick santorum? why is that? >> i don't know. my vote hasn't dogone in any direction. if you are asking and analyzing i would say when you are the object of $20 million worth of
10:25 pm
negative ads as newt was carried on by other republicans it's going to take some damage. unfortunately it did. i have advised newt as many others have as he ought to remain as positive as possible. that's how he shines that's how he disting wifshs him -- distinguishes himself. there's one candidate who handled every issue, he not only makes the surface argument but the premise argument and underlying principle argument. he can also go after the president of the united states in that way. look, it is interesting to look at the ads. it gotters me a gre-- bothers m great deal. it's like members of a family trying to distinguish themselves from one another when they really believe in almost the same things. they hit harder and harder but the real fight is with the guy
10:26 pm
next door. >> should newt gingrich stay in the race? >> i think gingrich lost his luster when they found how erratic he was sitting on the couch with nancy pelosi talking about global warming and sitting down with al sharpton talking education. we were offended at republicans who voted for the bailout. support for bank bailout and freddie mac and fannie mae. >> most of the votes going to santorum should newt stay in the race? >> the american people will make the decision when it comes down to the primary. i am not going to tell or say any of the candidates they should get out of the race. >> senator, the peekers, they are tough on governor romney. should the speaker accept the voter? >> i would agree that he should stay in the race.
10:27 pm
i think a vigorous debate is important for all of the candidates. i wouldn't tell any candidates to get out of the race. we have this great debates. i think any one of our candidates will be able to beat barack obama in a debate hands down. >> who wants the race to go on raise your hand? who wants it over with raise your hand? because the two of you are out numbered the race will go on. when we come back we have one final segment with our top presidential surrogate coming up a little later. the budget debate with chairman ryan and several of his colleagues. two incredible television ads. stay tuned. well, online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save money, i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave.
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for our heroes thank you. go to now. thank you. >> live in america's news headquarters i am lauren green. the national weather service issuing an alert as more bad weather is devastated by deadly tornados. a cold spot is moving in from the north. it is expected to dump snow on the hardest hit areas. forecasters expect temperatures to drop to 40 degrees. friday's tornados killed at least 39 people and damaged homes. gas prices going up for the 7th straight day today. it topped 3.76 a gallon for the average price. last year at this time it was
10:32 pm
$3.49 a gallon. iran's nuclear tensions to lead oh all out war and destruction of oil supplies. i am lauren green now back to super tuesday preview. >> oo you have seen two of the ads so far. the next one is for ron paul and it's also one of the best of the campaign cycle. let's take a look. >> serial hypocrites and flip floppers can't clean up the mess. one man stands alone. a real plan to cut a trillion dollars year 1 balance the budget in 3. consistent incorruptible guided by faith and principle, ron paul the one we have been looking for. >> i have to ask our repub cans here. ron paul is the most anti washington of the candidates. do we agree on that? >> yes. >> what's holding you back? >> foreign policy. >> i did this in new hampshire, the same exact thing happened
10:33 pm
there. could you defend ron paul's foreign policy? >> absolutely. you got 30 minutes for me, right? >> 30 seconds. >> foreign policy is the historic foreign policy of our finding fathers. the constitution said only congress declares war. the president executes war. we are supposed to have a declaration of war. it's in the constitution. he took us to libya without a declaration of war. we need to have congress involved there's a separation of power. >> i want to ask a question, though, how do you deal with the remark that the good car -- he's a brilliant man but he doesn't mind if iran has a nuclear weapon. >> a lot of people think that, but that has been misrepresented. let me give you his position. let me give you his position.
10:34 pm
>> let me tell you how i saw it. i took the words exactly -- >> let me give you his position. you stated his position let me give you his position. >> we can't get anywhere. >> let me state what his position is. his position is he doesn't want iran to have a nuclear weapon we should try to contain iran should they get a nuclear weapon. his position is the same as the three previous heads of the u.s. central commands. they have all warned against preemptive attacks with iran. they think it will have unintended consequences it won't be the best thing for the country. >> i serve on the armed services committee at the chairman of the joint chief of staff the other day. one of the real risks with iran. it's not so much that they acquire the nuclear weapons. they are the largest country of terrorism and if they give a nuclear weapon to a terrorist group that's a real risk.
10:35 pm
fair man of the joint chief of staff that's a real ryisk. if pwe have another attack witha terrorist group -- >> he is not cautioning against an attack. he's cautioning against -- >> i do not believe that we can be in a world where iran has a nuclear weapon with what they have done. if governor romney is president he will not allow iran to get a nuclear weapon. >> gingrich has been out spent but this is also one of the best campaign ads from newt gingrich. >> only one man in this race stood up to bill clinton. only one man got people off well pair and put them back to work. they created a budget and created millions of jobs. newt gingrich only bold askeds
10:36 pm
can win against obama. >> was that a good ad? >> yes. >> what's so positive? >> the fact that it was positive. what newt quinning lich will continue to do. he felt it in real true american founding father principles. >> yet congressman paul has been very critical of the speaker in a number of different areas. is that criticism justified? >> i think his support from the bank bailout receiving money from fannie mae and fred tdie m stops me from supporting. for him to get supported is a nonstarter for most. look, i know ron paul. i served with ron paul. he's a friend of mine.
10:37 pm
but every time i have been in the congress with ron paul he has consistently voted no on everything. wait a second. every congress needs one ron paul you just can't have more of them. there's a difference between congress with a minority and being president of the united states just as newt gingrich went beyond the position of the loyal opposition to leading the loyal opposition to being the majority and forcing bill clinton to accept balance budget, forcing bill clinton to have welfare reform. you have to lead this country. you have to have ideas. you also have to be able to accomplish something. >> what do you want to make up your minds, what do you want in the next few weeks? what are you looking for? have they told you it in>> i am looking for someone who believes
10:38 pm
in america. and has principals. principals and ideas. >> have they told you what you are looking for? >> they are giving me clues to what i am looking for. i still have doubts about all of them i have strengths and good thoughts about all of them. i am not going to makeup my mind until i poll. >> you are still undecided? did anything they say move you? >> everything they say. but can you believe it, can you trust them? not them but the candidates. you get in that hot seat it's not so easy to say you are going to do what you are going to do. >> do you trust the candidates? >> i don't trust them completely yet. >> i want to thank our sur cat can gats for their participation. (applause) >> coming up we will have an incredible debate on the budget. it will be released in a couple
10:39 pm
days. you will hear some of the details with two democrats and republicans and even our group is going to change. a few of you will disappear so we make sure we have a nonpartisan audience. es the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ malannouncer ] for the road ahead, the a-new subaru impreza. ♪ experience love that lasts. metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol.
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.... >> we're back withe >> we are back with a discussion on the budget that features republicans and democrats house members and senators. first let's start with you the american people. i want one word or phrase to describe how you feel congress handled the budget? >> disjointed. >> loobied. >> hasn't handled it. >> blindfolded. >> partisan. >> corrupt. >> chairman ryan? >> i apologize. how many of you have a favorable impression of how congress handled the budget raise your hand? one lowly person. how do you respond? >> expect that reaction. that's the result congress has provided. the system is broken.
10:44 pm
we are in paralysis. our government has been making promises to people they can't keep. republicans and democrats for decades have been making all of these empty promises. now the bill is about to come due. we are borrowing $0.40 on every dollar the government spends. we are getting to a point where we are mortgaging not just our children's future but we are going to harm our economy. what we decided to do in the house is to tackle the challenge before it tackles us. >> how many of you had a favorable reaction to him. >> you are dialing him off the charts. >> i wasn't finished with my point. halfway through. >> maybe that's the challenge it takes politicians too long. our problems now as we see it granted i am a house member, is in order to pass the budget, the law says the house passes a budget the senate passes a budget then you compromise in between and pass the unified budget.
10:45 pm
the house passed our budget. the senate didn't pass a budget in 2010 and 2011 and now they are saying they aren't going to pass a budget in 2012. no wonder it is disfupgsal. -- dysfunctional. >> senator bennett, democrat, senator from colorado. is the senate responsible for why nothing has happened>> i think washington is responsible for it. there is a reason we have 9 percent approval rate. we are not getting our job done. i represent colorado third republican a third democratic and a third independent. what they want me to come home and say we have feerlly addressed the problem we are all in it together and it is bipartisan. they don't believe in go it alone priech. washington figures every excuse
10:46 pm
not to get it done. it's long past time for democrats and republicans to solve this problem. >> house and senate can't cooperate. you took an independent position as a conservative center. you are conservative. you took a conservative position. what advice dow f you have for m about bringing people together? can it get done? >> sure it can. the question is what do you think is more important the next election more important than the election? or is the candidate better or your party. we are living off kids coming in the next 30. that's iimmoral. the careerism and partisanship exacerbates that. long-term thinking sacrificial leadership the qualities you want your kids to display are not on display in washington.
10:47 pm
doesn't matter if i get re-elected what matters is the country getting fixed? >> holland the ranking member of the budget committee. you would like to see this become political so you could replace paul ryan. what do democrats have in this budget today. >> frank, that's not true. i think as tom said the challenge is to make sure we put the country first. we have a big and rising debt problem. the question is not whether we tackle it it is how we tackle it. tom served on a bipartisan commission you had democrats republicans coming together to attack this issue. nobody got it all of the way 100 percent. we had tough compromises for the good of the country.
10:48 pm
i don't agree with every single recommendation but the plan set out was a balanced approach. we have to tighten our belt get construction out of control. we have to deal with the lax hoop holes. let's make sure we are all in this together and we have shared responsibility. >> do you buy it? >> it sounds great but you can't do it. you guys don't have the will to get it done. you talk a good game but every day i see what you guys don't get done. >> i believe them they have the will i just don't think they compromise enough. when we elect someone we expect them to compromise. >> same thing over and over again for the good of the country but nothing gets done
10:49 pm
nothing ever changes. >> wearing with to come back because it is rare to have republicans and democrats sitting together. we are going to ask specific solutions and give them a chance to say why their anticipates is better than any other answer. i will be back. ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ]
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.... >> the budget about to go i >> the budget is about to go in full gear. some of the ads are powerful and innovative. let's look at one of those that has attracted attention. >> $0.41 of every dollar you spend is borrowed from china. china is your dealer. addiction and dealer. to borrow less you need to spend less. washington could learn a lot from a drug addict. >> which should be the priority? how many say cutting spending? if i give it a choice of just cutting spending or a combination of cutting spending or raising taxes who would say cutting spending? who would do a combination of both? can you get it done? >> make sure all of the tax increases don't plow into new
10:54 pm
spending. the problem we have the tax increases being talked about is going to pay for more deficit spending. make sure we reduce the deficit. we don't want to chase ever higher levels of spending with ever higher level of taxes. you will have a debt crisis and shut down the economy. we are putting our ideas on the table. we are writing a budget in great detail and telling the country here's how we propose to solve the problem jobs prosperity upper mobility giving us a path on prosperity. we don't have people to come on to the field and propose a budget. i am critical of the obama it raised the debt by 76 percent. continues to spend more money than we have.
10:55 pm
he doesn't care what it will do for us. >> they are phone any numbers, too. phony arithmetic. >> i think these ideas are great all of this in theory. he put the nail on the head over and over again it's a moot point if the senate does not act to put something forward. >> here's what we are proposing. >> i am not going to cast blame on one house or another but i think we have a job. >> that is fine. i am not here to defend the senate. it would have been great if the house passed a bill that was bipartisan that reflected the views that i represent. a problem that needs to be solved comprehensively and understand it has to be balanced. the plan he voted for was cuts in interest savings and revenue. it wasn't one to one or more
10:56 pm
revenues than cuts. it got to a point where it was overdue. >> the two of you compromise and come up with something. >> you are spending mown without knowing you are spending it. if you take control and figure out what you are doing. i wouldn't mind it. until you tell me what you are spending and why you are spending it. >> the plans have come out with the exception of ron paul's plan actually make matters much worse. this is not one party's problem this is washington's problem the political problem tom was saying people want to hold on to the jobs. we have an opportunity to address this when the automatic goes into place. >> you are part of washington. you can't just blame washington. >> back to black. start cutting the waste now not at the end of the bush tax cuts.
10:57 pm
>> you don't have a uniform destination. one says it's a tax cut one says spending. we to have unilateral definitions before we can solve the problem. >> there's $300 billion worth of waste, fraught and duplication. just put out another study last year shoetd over $100 million worth of duplication. congress has nothing on it. you are not going to bind any individual in the crowd republican or democrat and say this is a waist. one of the things we have to do is look at groups like you. i heard someone say 50 percent of the budget is waste. 50 percent of the budget is social security, medicare and if you add in defense that takes you well over 50 percent. this is not just about waste it's about hard decisions.
10:58 pm
that's why we are having debate across the country. >> but that's why you are elected. when you use all of you when you don't act it makes me angry. i go to the ballot box because it is my responsibility. i take it very seriously. i don't think congress does the same. or when you go to the 11th hour. the benefit was a bipartisan group who looked at the budget got together and said here's a compromise. >> we need a compromised approach to doing that. should we move forward with that? >> actual plan but it has been passed by the house of
10:59 pm
representatives go to budget got house dot gov. the paioint i am making it we a putting ideas out there passing budget plans to save this country from a debt crisis. the poor and elderly get hurt the worst. >> paul's budget doesn't cost one tax. >> you need a balance -- >> on fox news we give a democrat the last word. thank you for being here. (applause) >> you saw a presidential debate tonight. you saw two senators and congressman who normally don't sit down and have the conversation. you that you the mourn people and how rush they are. they are lintsing and hoed it accountable before you go to 2012 i hope you enjoy the


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